Zipacna de Leon Latin American Art
Latin American Artists Information

Zipacna de Leon Ave Plato   Zipacna de Leon Plato Azul

(1997) ceramic plate 1/1
9 3/4" diameter
US$ 500.(SOLD)


"plato azul"
(1997) ceramic plate 1/1
12 1/2"

Zipacna de Leon-Ave Uno   Zipacna de Leon-Ave Dos   Zipacna de Leon-Ave Tres
"ave i" 61/100 dated June 7, 1981
image size 11" x 8 1/2"
US$ 500.
  "ave ii" 61/100 dated June 18, 1981
image size 18" x 12 1/2"
US$ 500.
  "ave iii" 61/100 dated June 25, 1981
image size 18" x 12 1/2"
US$ 500.
Zipacna de Leon-Urbano Zipacna de Leon-Mascaras
(1992) 8 " x 10"
acrylic on masonite
US$ 1200.
"mascaras" dated Sept. 15, 1991
11 x 9 1/2"
pen & ink
US$ 800.

About the artist:

Zipacna de Leon
July 25th 1948-January 21st, 2002

De Leon was born in Guatemala City to a family of long artistic tradition. He is recognized as a very important and influential figure  in the cultural scene of Guatemala, a painter and ceramist, as well as a  personality, investigator and patron of the arts.  He initiated his elementary studies in Paris (France) and concluded his academic studies in Guatemala. Although self-taught in Painting he also  made formal studies. He  specialized in engraving with Lola Cueto and Carlos Jurado in Mexico (1968-1971), and with Carlos Colombino at the University of Costa Rica (1978). He studied Modern Art and Museography at the  Georges Pompidou Centre (Paris, France) in 1979.

He was the co-founder of several cultural institutions in Guatemala and he stands out for coordinating the Permanent Program of  Art Paiz(1978-1989) and at the Regional Schools of Art (1989) (Ministry of Culture and Sport of Guatemala). In addition, he was university professor of the National School of Arts “Rafael Rodriguez Padilla” (1977-1996). In September 2000 he was also granted the title of Distinguished Citizen of the City of Quetzaltenango.

He had numerous one man shows and multiple group shows in Guatemala and abroad. He has published several papers on Guatemalan Art and several presentations of national and foreign artists   He was a relentless traveler. During his multiple trips he researched the art and the culture around the world  (Egypt, Taiwan, Greece, Switzerland, Costa Rica, etc.), which continuously enriched his vision of the arts and its function  in modern society.

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