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Enjoying art can be one of the most enriching and rewarding experiences in life. We at La Antigua Galeria de Arte invite you to share such an experience with us, as you browse our online Gallery viewing the finest in Latin-American and Caribbean works of art. The Gallery features contemporary works as well as 19th and 20th century works by the Masters. It is our purpose and our pleasure to make available to the public art from virtually all of Latin America and some works by featured artists from Europe and the United States.

We also handle estate sales, auctions, and provide qualified appraisals. At left are links to our currently featured on line shows from a number of Latin-America's most celebrated artists. You may view a sample of their collected works by clicking on your choice. The quality presentation seen in this gallery is also available to you as a gallery operator/owner or artist for a fraction of the cost normally associated with producing and maintaining your own site. Click here for details about joining the Art in the Americas Network, serving fine artists throughout North, Central, and South America.

Please contact us for purchasing information by clicking contact us located throughout our gallery, or email, phone, or visit us in La Antigua Guatemala Buying art through us: La Antigua Galería de Arte strives to provide the highest quality works available from a variety of artists. To ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase you are entitled to a 5 day approval period. If you are not satisfied with your newly acquired piece you may contact us within 5 days and we will refund the purchase price.


Art in the Americas is an online site featuring the finest Latin American and Caribbean works of art. The site features Contemporary works as well as 19th and 20th century works by the Masters and artists from around the world. Art in the Americas also handles estate sales, auctions, and provides qualified appraisals. Art in the Americas is also a network for Galleries, artists and collectors wishing to buy or sell their works

Artists Represented

Alberto Merino
Alejandro Leal
Alfredo Garcia Gil
Andrea Castillo
Andrew Hollis
Arnoldo Ramirez Amaya
Arturo Ruano
Brian Doucet
B.M. Johnston
Carlos Chaclan
Carlos Chavez
Carolyn Dailey
Cesar Barrios
Carmen Erazo
Cesar Menendez
Daniel Chauche
Brielle Duflon
Dan Davis
Doniel Espinoza
Dulce Maria Gonzalez
Elliot Denburg
Elisabeth Stuven
Elmar Rojas
Elsa Diaz
Emanuel Paniagua
Erwin Guillermo
Fauistino Pablo Bautista
Felix Vidal Chacon
Flavio Santacruz

Francisco Auyon
Gina Intveen

Guillermo Maldonado
Gustavo Garcia
Hanne Lunder
Hector Sitan
Hugo Gonzalez Ayala
Humberto Garavito
Hyatt Moore
Jaime Ramirez
Jan Ledbetter
John Maxon
Jose Leiva
Juan Francisco Yoc
Juan Jose Rodriguez
Juan Sisay
Karla Higueros
Keith L. Andrews
Linnitt Duflon
Leopoldo Barrientos
Lucia Moran
Luis Godoy
Luis Gonzalez Palma
Maria Eskenasy

Maria Giron
Mario Garcia
Mario Mendez
Mario Sagastume
Manuel Barrientos
Mauro Lopez
Miguel Angel Perez
Nuni Canals
Oscar Rios
Oscar Rios Ochoa
Otto Saravia
Pascual Monroy
Patrick McGrath
Patricia Salaverria
Pedro Roig
Pilar Rios
Rae Leeth
Ricardo Castillo
Ricardo Silva Cordero
Rogelio Barillas
Scott Stoll
Sergio Alvarado
Sergio de Gandarias
Victor Hugo Valenzuela Virginia Tagle
Werner Vasquez
William Kalwick Jr.
Zipacna de Leon

william kalwick - mujer con niño chajul latin american art hugo gonzalez ayala - pueblo por la mañana latin american art erwin guillermo - esfinge de proa latin american art

William Kalwick Jr.

Hugo Gonzalez Ayala

Erwin Guillermo